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техническое объяснение терминологии 1991- 1998 фирмы PIONEER 




ALCA-auto level control with tape Analysis

ALCA- analyses source signals and tape capability, then adjusts the recording level and bias settings, for high-quality recordings at the push of a single button.



a Pioneer wide-range technology , reduces azimuth error to near zero by individually fine-calibrated head gaps.


FLEX-frequncy level expander , deck

Any recorder tape sounds brilliant and rich in highs with the lack of highs automatically compensated for.


Reference Master Mechanism, deck

A precision tape drive mechanism for accurate tape control combining a number of time-proven mechanical designs.


Slanted Mechanism, deck

Tilting the mechanism 10 degrees from the vertical lessens the loads on tape, improving tape running stabiility.


S.R.T. smooth running tapeguide , deck

Stabilises the running tape in contact with the recording , playback head  for enhanced sound presence and localisation.


Super Auto BLE XD, Super Auto BLE, Auto BLE, Deck

Optimises, bias , level and equalisation tape by tape for best result. Uses three SUPER AUTO BLE, or two AUTO BLE, calibration frequencies. Super Auto BLEA XD

provides even more, wider dynamic range and better linearity at higher levels.


Wide-Range Technology, 

Pioneer technology to achieve wider dynamic range , wider requency and higher channel separation.


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