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Техническое объяснение терминологии  фирмы DENON 2000-2005  




DSC-Digital ,for High-quality Sound Reproduction DDSC-dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit, digital is a configuration specially designed by Denon in which all elements of the processor are optimized through ther use of selected high-perfomance discrete components , including separate AD and DA converters, with sophisticated DSP- surround decoding.


UHC - ULTRA HIGH CURRENT SINGLE PUSH-PULL CIRCUIT . for the past ten years , the dream of power amps of power has been to support low-impedance speackers. unfortunately however , the fulfilment of this dream has always been a difficult proposition , and Denon eventually felt the need to rethink its approach . the result has been to combine high output power with detailed musical expression , a high-grade solution that is the first of its kind. 

The challenge facing Denon has been to amplify with dynamic strength and absolute clarity the creativ a energy transmitted by the artist and tp keep apace with the ever-changing musical signal levels. a hefty power supply unit with ample reserves and a power amp that is capable of supplying pure, dynamic signals to the speakers so that the music is heard with absolute transparancy are the primary requiments . also required are transient responce characteristics that amplify even low-levels signals with impeccable precision. no matter how superior the dynamic range or the frequency characteristics may be , these features are meaningless if the amp cannot instantly follow the sudden rises and falls in sound.


ALPHA Processor. Alpha processing is the worlds first technical formula for reproducing an analog waveform from the reproduction of 16-bit data in 20-bit quality. the alpha processor interpolates the digital data recorded on a cd and reproduces it in waveform that is very close to the way these musical signals would look in a natural analog wavewform.


DIGITAL BASS MANAGEMENT , When playing multi chanel  Dolby Digital, LPCM, or DVD-Audio, MLP ,source, it possible to preset speaker configurations and delay times. The crossover point is fixed at 80 hz with 12 db high and 24 db low pass filter slopes.

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