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Music is a reflection of the images one has in one,s mind , a drug of the spirit,

a way of life between necessity and pleasure , like the air, the sea and the light.


Making music has always been for me like building a resonant landscape somewhere between

technology and ecology.







This record is a compilation of various pieces of music , each one having its own story. I have 

chosen them with special care , particularly with the running order in mind, and have also 

linked the tracks with transitional music to create a continuous one hour programme.

I am thankful to all the people who follow my work, who listen to my music, who write to me

and come to my concerts in more and more numbers.

I dedicate these music,s to you.


Jean Michel Jarre.


p.s. Музыка -это  отражение изображений, которые каждый имеет в одном в уме, препарат духа,

образ жизни между необходимостью и удовольствием, как воздух, море и свет.

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