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LUXMAN LV-117 1987
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A Brief Review... Based on my impressions, I would like to share some information with the world of audiophiles and everyone who appreciates audio.

So, the LUXMAN LV-117, a superb amplifier. The sound is simply beautiful, rich, full, and extremely accurate. All musical instruments sound just right. The sound wave is smooth, without distortions; it envelops you and hits with its full power, piercing through everything and everyone.


LUXMAN LV-117 1987


This device was created by Luxman in 1987, replacing the popular model LUXMAN LV-105 from the previous year. This model incorporates advanced technologies. It features digital inputs and outputs: 3 coaxial and 1 optical. It can be connected to various sources, including DAT, Super Audio, and video discs with a 48 kHz format. The unit automatically recognizes formats. It includes a high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC PCM56PJ).

Sampling frequencies: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz. The sampling frequency is displayed.

LUXMAN LV-117 1987



Additionally, it is possible to connect up to 4 decks, a couple of video sources, and a couple of devices with digital media. The average power output is 110-120 watts at 8 ohms, and 130-140 watts at 6 ohms. The device is well-constructed with quality materials, featuring 4 transistors in the final stage. An advanced preamplifier and input circuitry are used. The preamplifier includes 5 assemblies, 3 of which are field-effect. The amplifier is designed without coupling capacitors. The output terminals allow connecting speakers with larger cables, making it more convenient. The unit weighs 15.7 kg. The amplifier's price at the time of release was approximately $1300. The amplifier boasts an aesthetic appeal, a true gem in this age of unattractive plastic-based products.


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