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Marantz TT1000 1982
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Marantz TT1000:  Pinnacle of Elegance and Professionalism in the World of Turntables






The exclusive Marantz series culminates in the outstanding TT1000 turntable, which embodies not only cutting-edge technologies but also aesthetic sophistication. Crafted using innovative materials and high-tech solutions, the TT1000 is not just audio equipment; it is a genuine work of art.

Construction and Materials: The unconventional design of the TT1000 stands out among other turntables. High-density glass and aluminum in a sandwich construction create a heavy, modern, and resonance-free frame. The glass top of the turntable adds not only visual charm but also serves as part of the sound insulation system. The turntable rests on special height-adjustable legs with an air cushion, providing stability and minimizing vibrations.


Marantz TT1000 1982



Drive and Control: The  Marantz  TT1000 is equipped with a direct-drive system with a high torque, controlled by a quartz phase-locked loop (PLL) scheme. This modern technology ensures precision and stability in rotating the record, maintaining a high level of sound purity. The power supply and control scheme are housed in a separate enclosure to isolate them from magnetic and electrical interference.

Adjustability: The TT1000 offers users the ability to install various tonearms using a range of adapters. Additionally, a second tonearm or a lever for cleaning records can be installed in specially designated areas. This flexibility makes the TT1000 an ideal choice for those seeking an individualized approach to creating their audio system.


Marantz TT1000 1982


Professional Playback: The Marantz   TT1000 is more than just an audio component. The combination of aesthetic beauty and professional features makes it perfect for semi-professional vinyl playback. It embodies the best traditions of Marantz and continues to win the hearts of audiophiles with its exceptional performance.



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